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At Silverman Financial, we have been working and specializing in the retirement planning market for the past 30 years. We have specialized in working with Florida retirement System employees for the past 14 years. We are a boutique South Florida firm that has offices in Miami and Sunrise where we cater to our clients.

As the president of Silverman Financial, my wife, who is a speech pathologist with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, encouraged me to start working with FRS members, which we did roughly 14 years ago. We felt that FRS members were not getting enough information to make informed decisions about their retirement and this is what started us down the path with the FRS. We really wanted to make a major difference in helping FRS members.

Members of the FRS are under the radar screen of the large banks and brokerage houses for the most part, as they seem to be interested only if you have a very large sum of money to invest. We took the opposite path.

When people come to our office or call us, they have a number of questions that we try to answer. Some of the more common questions include the following: “How do I best pay off my credit card debt, when is the best time for me to retire, where is the best place to invest my money during retirement, how do I take care of the kids’ college educations, etc.” Or, “How do I outpace inflation?” “Will there be money left for my loved ones?”

We help them by utilizing our exclusive and unique IPRO plan in order to answer the questions and to help them plan their retirement. We have helped well over 1,000 people transition into retirement.


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