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Top 8 Reasons To Hire a Financial Advisor for Your Retirement

Top 8 Reasons To Hire a Financial Advisor for Your Retirement

Thanks to an endless barrage of ads for investment products and retirement services, it can be overwhelming and even maddening to create a manageable and lasting financial plan.

But with lifespans increasing and uncertainty growing, creating one is nonetheless crucial for financial security.

That’s where a qualified financial advisor can help. With a proven track record, educational training, and a solid reputation, he can:

  1. Clarify fact from fiction. With so much conflicting and confusing material available, an advisor can declutter misleading or false content. He can prevent you from making impulsive decisions based on today’s sensationalized news.
  2. Help you set specific, manageable and realistic goals. Creating a financial plan begins with an examination of your needs and your wishes. A financial-planning expert will ask you to identify your attitudes about money, your fears, your financial hopes, and how you envision retirement. He will also ask how your goals match with your current investments and what your risk tolerance is. He will then define your hopes into specific, measurable goals.
  3. Focus on you. Everybody’s circumstance is distinct. A good financial advisor will listen first and understand your needs and comfort level. There is no substitute for such personalized attention when it comes to creating a solid financial plan.
  4. Create a workable strategy. With a deep understanding of investment options, costs, and market fluctuations, along with a personal understanding of your specific needs and goals, an expert will create a plan that maximizes returns while managing your personal risk tolerance. He will ensure an investment approach that is neither too conservative nor too aggressive.
  5. Educate you. An experienced planner can answer your financial questions. Ask him about: IRAs, pensions, annuities, insurance policies, bonds, and other benefit options. Learn about the stock market and how fluctuations affect returns from a trusted source. The better educated you are, the wiser your financial decisions will be.
  6. Ensure that you stick with your plan. Despite the best intentions to save, invest and plan for retirement, daily life often gets in the way. A financial planner makes your needs a priority, helping you stay on track.  He should be immediately available to you whenever needed to explain sudden market turns and how they might impact you.
  7. Review your plan annually. An advisor will meet with you every year to review your portfolio and make any necessary adjustments. He will also evaluate your investments’ actual performance to ensure that you are on track to meet your goals. This is also an ideal time to discuss any changes in your life during the past year that may require modifying your portfolio.
  8. Provide ongoing, objective perspective. A reliable advisor supports you throughout your lifetime. He remains a stable, objective source in the midst of life experiences. He protects your financial health during: marriage, child-raising, divorce, job changes, inheritance, illness and

By selecting an honest, trustworthy and FINRA-approved financial advisor, you will gain valuable insight and direction.

At Silverman Financial, we create lasting relationships with our clients. We develop flexible financial plans based on individual circumstances, needs and wishes. We provide ongoing support and expertise to help our clients secure stable and fulfilling financial futures.